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A podcast from the Center for Environmental Health ( featuring topics on science, health, food, environment, activism and humor. Enjoy!

Feb 18, 2017

Can comedy take down the orange menace, before he nukes the planet? We talk to two comedians who are taking on Trump with satire. Maysoon Zayid is Trump's worst nightmare: she's a smart, funny, Muslim-American disabled woman comic from New Jersey. Then, Greg Proops is the smartest man in the world, and you should...

Jan 14, 2014

More from Harry Shearer, including Spinal Tap, The Big Uneasy, and more from Le Show, Paul Krassner on Lenny Bruce, Negin Farsad of "The Muslims Are Coming, and Brian Janosch of Cultivated Wit.

Jan 14, 2014

You know Harry Shearer from Spinal Tap, the Simpsons, movies, TV and his weekly radio show Le Show. Paul Krassner hung out with Abbie Hoffman, Ken Kesey, and Lenny Bruce. Negin Farsad tells us about The Muslims Are Coming, and Brian Janosch talks about working with Baratunde Thurston at Cultivated Wit.